Expertly crafted in London Ontario from locally sourced products, Youth Opportunities Unlimited cutting boards are perfect for professional and aspiring chefs. Beautiful enough to be on display and solid enough to stand up to heavy use, our cutting boards are made from only the finest maple or black walnut to ensure they last for years to come.

Under the supervision of an experienced carpenter, youth learn the stages of manufacturing wood products. From raw material to finished product, youth are part of a team that make various wood products. Youth are trained in the principles of woodworking from basic to advanced, they learn the proper use of tools and machinery (including maintenance), how to select types of wood and much more.

Available individually, or included in one of our Gift Baskets, the Youth Opportunities Unlimited cutting boards make the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, house warming, or almost any occasion.



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YOU Cedar BBQ Scraper

The YOU BBQ Scraper is an all-natural BBQ cleaning tool. It is made of locally sourced, sustainable red western cedar. It doesn’t have any harmful bristles and it customizes to your grill during use providing a superior clean. It is designed for years of grilling pleasure which makes it the perfect grilling accessory or BBQ gift.

Instructions for use:

Simply heat your grill on high, once grill is hot, press the beveled edge of the scraper against the hot grates. Continue to push the scraper from front to back numerous times until grooves are formed (careful to only form one set of grooves). After repeated use the scraper will eventually wrap around the grill and clean the top and sides in one swipe.

YOU Cedar Planks

What better way to impress your guests than grilling salmon, fish, vegetables or steaks on our natural cedar planks. These natural cedar planks are easy to use and infuse the food with a lightly smoky flavour. YOU cedar planks are made with locally sourced, sustainable red western cedar.

Instructions for use:

Soak 4-6 hours in water (tip: warm water will initially help with opening the pores). You can presoak the plank ahead of time and put them in the freezer. Heat BBQ to medium and preheat plank with lid closed. Once plank is preheated you are now ready to cook your favourite fish, meats and vegetables.

*All dimensions are in inches.

YOU BBQ Scrapers and Cedar Planks are crafted by local youth in our job skills training programs. 

Proceeds raised from the sales help support young people in London and Middlesex.

Walnut with Maple Chef Board



*All dimensions are in inches.

Maple with Walnut Chef Board


*All dimensions are in inches.

Care and Maintenance

Wooden boards need regular oiling to seal the grain against bacteria and protect from cracking. Use food grade mineral oil. Apply with a soft cloth, in the direction of the grain, allowing the oil to soak in. Then remove all surface oil with a dry, clean cloth.

All cutting boards should be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Use hot water and soap or full-strength vinegar after each use.

DO NOT put in dishwasher!

Where to Purchase?

For more information or to place an order email sales@you.ca or call 519.432.1112 x 289

You can also purchase one of our cutting boards at the YOU Made It Café.